Our Platform

Bloooom is a  unified cloud-based digital marketing platform. You can run it on our shared cloud, on your own private cloud, or deploy it in your own data center.

It can be used as a stand alone platform, and can be easily integrated with you existing CRM, ERP, and other systems within your IT infrastructure.

Bloooom can run for a single business; it can also handle multiple entities under the same platform.

So if you’re a holding company, running multiple businesses or if you’re an operator running a coalition network, you can create separate independent entities for each  business, with the ability to gather insights across all entities for cross sell / up-sell opportunities.

Bloooom consists of 4 layers that empower enterprises by offering them great tools that blend efficiently with the ultimate goal of turning their audience into fans.

Loyalty Engine

Coalition Engin

Content Management

Survey & Forms

Vouchers & Coupons

Digital Signage

Communication Toolkit

Proximity Toolkit

Online & Travel Store

Marketing Tools

BLOOOOM consolidates 9 marketing toolkits under a single platform, giving marketers complete freedom to innovate and create amazing, unique and personalized marketing strategies.

These tools are essentials for any engagement with the customers.

Campaign Tools

BLOOOOM offers Campaigners 6 campaign management tools that work across multiple channels.

Campaigners get a unified and real time overview on their marketing campaigns

Campaign Manager

Customer Profiling

Audience Segmentation

Dashboards & Reports

Marketing Automation

Content Segmentation


Mobile Site

Tablet Site

Survey & Forms

Tablet App

Landing pages Templates

Newsletter Templates

Digital Signage Templates

Social Media Guidlines


BLOOOOM platform does not limit Designers to standard templates or specific guidelines.

Designers are empowered to disrupt industry standards, and create unique, multi-channel, personalized customer experiences relevant to their brand.

API Services

Coders can develop and produce front end user interfaces (Websites, Mobile apps, …) and connect them to BLOOOOM through APIs.

By accessing the BLOOOOM back-end, they can customize each toolkit, upload content and test their functionalities.

Once done with their work, Coders hand over back-end management to Marketers and Campaigners.