On top of its top notch Loyalty and Digital Engagement platform, Bloooom also offers Ready-to-market Reward catalogs.


This makes our offering come the full cycle: Registration, Engagement, Rewards and multiple Redemption offers.


Bloooom is connected to Live Travel engines that enables us to offer Airline tickets, Car Rentals, Hotel bookings and airport Transfers.

This Catalog allows Live search and Live Booking! no need for a call center or for emails going back & forth.

Just decide on your destination, Search & Book it instantly! 


With a wide network across UAE, KSA, BAHRAIN, QATAR and LEBANON, you can offer your customers all sort of vouchers that can be redeemed everywhere! 


​With over then 2,500 connected websites and affiliates , Customers can benefit from direct cash-back schemes by simply logging in to our catalogs and choosing the type of items they want cashback on!


Give your customers access to digital items such as music, games, apps and more.

Let them enjoy the latest games and trendiest apps with a simple click.

our Catalog includes Apple Store, Google Play, Xbox, PlayStation, iTunes and much more


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